Sunday, June 19, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

After I posted about a solid break, someone asked me to explain this sentence:

"That's yet another cause-n-effect of not often-enough play in tournaments or leagues and so I kinda forgot due to lack of play and repetition. "

I'm glad they asked!

I practiced over and over and over again my 9-ball break on a diamond bar table.  Suffice it to say, it's my most solid, accurate, and dependable break I have.

AND, because I practiced it so much and was diligent about learning the sweet spot to it, I wont ever forget how to break well on a 9-ball break on a diamond bar table.

Whereas, I did not work on or practice my break for 9-ball on an 8-foot table or 9-foot table.  When I played all the time the last 10 years, I had a certain "routine" down for those breaks that worked well for me, but since I haven't been playing, that routine is no longer there and I'm just kinda whacking at my breaks on the bigger tables.  "Hopeful Break" is what I should call it lol.

Now - had I practiced a lot my break on those larger tables as I did on a diamond bar table, I wouldn't have had to remember any "routine" and instead it would have been ingrained how I break with what speed, finesse, or solidness.

That's what I meant by "kinda forgot due to lack of play and repetition."

So, if you want to remember certain aspects of the game, practice to perfection will help you a lot if you ever take a hiatus.

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