Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Muhammad Ali Story

One of the very first books I read on mental toughness was in my mid 20s.  I went to the book store and looked around and found a book called "Dare to Win."  I figured, hey, this could be perfect for me and my pool game!

Little did I know it was really a book about winning at life, not really a book about sports psychology.

But, one of the chapters in the book is all about the power of suggestion and willing things to happen.  It was specifically about writing down who you want to meet, even the most un-reachable type people, like famous or well-known people for example.

Well, the one person I wrote down was Muhammad Ali. 

I liked his perseverance on and off the stage and of all the people, I wanted to meet him so I wrote his name down as the book suggested.

His passing on Saturday leads me to write about him today.  He touched the world with his attitude and confidence and love his impact to history.

So, did I meet him?


Sort of.

A few years after I wrote this name down, I went to Times Square for New Years Eve in New York City in 2000.  Yes, along with every other idiot packed liked sardines to watch the ball drop in person in the packed streets.  Literally elbow to elbow and hardly any room to move for hours. 

However, at one point we look on the stage which, since we got there early, we were positioned close to.  And low and behold, up walks Muhammad Ali! 

I was shocked!  Sure, I didn't get to meet the man or have a convo with him, but the one person I wrote down was standing almost arms-length from me (well, if I could reach up /on to/ the stage).

I twas so freaking cool, and made the whole trip that much more memorable for me!

May you RIP, Muhammad Ali. 

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