Saturday, December 26, 2015

Played Mike Dechaine

Thanks to my friend Pan Hansen for putting me in the box against Mike Dechaine in a challenge match to raise money for Royce Bunnell's family during his Celebration of Life.

I got to break and he had two chances at the table and then I beat him!


Oh, nothing but pride :)

At one point in the game, - I shot a pretty tough 8ball and stayed down real well and I made it for shape and he said, "good shot."  Felt pretty good!  A LOT of people were watching him (and therefore his opponents) so it was nice to stay down under all the eyes of pressure.

I'm not "googlielee" at all around pro players because so many are my friends and I know over 90% of them, it was cool Pan put me up to play him to help the added monies for the Bunnell family!

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