Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Do You Play?

During my first weekend of my ladies league playoffs back in Oct, we had to wait a for a match to play before we knew who our next opponents were.

So, my teammates and I were watching the match.

One of the players, who I had never seen before, was playing JAM up!  She was kicking long rail AND making contact with her ball, and she was staying down well, too.  I was impressed.

As she walked by, I told her, "Wow, you played that great.  Nice long-rail kick to hit your ball!"  It was SURROUNDED by her opponents balls and yet she somehow hit it.

I watched another game of hers and again I was impressed with her shot making and kick skills.  I said to her again as she walked by, "Nice game again."

She looked at me funny.  I suppose it was weird some stranger was complimenting her.

She played her final game and again she played great.  She didn't get out and lost but still play smart making great shots.

This time I didn't say anything to her.  I figured I should keep my mouth shut lol.

She goes to her team and then she comes up to me, "Did you see that?  OMG I missed shape on that last ball or else I would have been out.  You didn't see it, did you?"

"Actually I did see it - it was a tough shot and tough to get shape on it.  You still played good," I comforted her.

She's about to walk back to her team and then turns back to me and asks, "Do you play?"

At this point, what do I say? 

I'm sitting next to a friend and she starts to shake her head.

I say politely to the player, "Yes, I play on this league actually."

And she replies, "oh cool!" as she trots away back to her team.

And my friend is busting out of her chair.

"DOES SHE PLAY?!  OMG DO YOU PLAY? "  Now looking at me.

"What?" I ask my friend.

"DO YOU PLAY?  Tell her!  Tell her you are a state champ and national champ and the top player on the league - tell her!  She has no idea who you are!" my friend insists.

"No, no, I don't care.  I just hope she really did hear my words and takes them to heart because she really does play well."

"Oh, Melinda....." my friend says as she turns her head away from me frustrated and in disbelief.

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