Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I'm at that age where I need reading glasses.

Which is fine; I don't mind at all.

But, as the years progressed, it's actually becoming a pain to see even at the most ordinary times.

So, I got mono-vision contacts.  One is for far, one is for close up.

I can now read menu's in the "soft" light of restaurants, and even see things on my computer screen at work now without grabbing for my reading glasses.  When I print something at work, I can see the fine print without glasses.  It's nice!

However, I DO notice that my "far" vision is hampered and a little fuzzy.  Not sure I like that so much.  I'll try this out for a few weeks and see how things go.  Because my eyesight is so bad to see far, I am not sure I'm a good candidate for this mono-vision (b/c it's hurting me see far clearly), but I will try.

I found out I'm right-eye dominant, and so he put the "reading" contact in my left eye.

Tonight I play pool for the first time with my new super-vision-power.  Hope I do well!

Fingers crossed. 


TimKrazyMon said...

If it's a possibility, I highly recommend LASIK. My issue was one eye was near-sighted and the other was far-sighted, played hell with my depth perception. I had the surgery and once I came back, I improved by a ball right away.

Melinda said...

I looked into it, but my eyesight is too bad for lasik. :( Glad it worked for you!