Friday, August 29, 2014

Tougher Than it Seems

I went to the lake over the weekend and went swimming and hiking during the day.   It was really, really fun and beautiful!  On one of the nights, my bf and I went to a little bar down the street because we heard they have karaoke.

As I walk in, I see they have 2 little bar tables.  Oh cool!

I don't play for fun but it's cool to watch drunk people play, lol.

After singing "You Look So Good in Love" by George Strait, I go back by the bar area to watch pool.

Long story short,  we get to play doubles for money!  Woo-hoo!

While I stated earlier I don't play for fun, I don't.  But this is gambling.  And gambling is business. Plus, as many know gambling can also help your game (by putting yourself under pressure).

And playing $100 a GAME was pressure enough for me lol.

The thing is, I know how to play pool.  Good.  And the guys we were playing were not good.  If I play too good and they see that, they may not play us another game, or they may get mad/upset.

So, imagine my surprise when I need to act like I can't play.  And to help that, I kinda pretend like I'm drunk, just like they were.

Might seem easy, right?

Miss tough shots, but play smart, but don't make all your balls even if you can run out, take your time, swagger, act drunk, smile a lot (that's what drunk people do right? Smile a lot), act super surprised when you don't scratch or act excited and giggly when you make the winning shot.

Well, I did all that and it was TOUGH!  It's really not easy at all to stumble and act drunk and then get down on the shot and go from drunk to a steady hand, keep your head still, and stroke well to make critical shots (like the 8 ball I had to make).

I tell you what, it would have been much easier to be my old 25 year old self when I whacked at balls and jumped right up from my shots and didn't take my time (that's kinda how a drunk person plays pool, right?).  But, I had to bear down and make shots....all the while I'm trying to act like a drunk idiot.

Guess I acted well enough.   We won both games.  :)

But dang was that tougher than I thought!

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