Saturday, August 16, 2014

Three Hundred Sixty Degrees

I thoroughly enjoy better players watching me play pool.  I love to pick their brains after shots or matches.  It either confirms I played a shot correctly, or maybe there was another option I could have played differently that would have had a better outcome.

This happened during my Sunday league playoffs in July.

My friend Greg was watching our team, and we would talk about shots and I would ask him questions.

After one of my matches, a very very long safety game where I had the upper hand but ended up losing, we talked about my last (failed) safety.

He said that it was obvious to play safe the opposite way I did.  He said if I would have walked around the entire shot, I would have seen it.  Most people watching were looking at the shot from his view also, and they all saw the better safe, too.

But not I.

I was frozen to my ball, and only saw a few safes.  And I actually studied it for a long while because I didn't see an obvious good safe.  But the better/obvious safe was one in which I didn't see.... because I didn't walk all the way around the shot.

360 degrees people!

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