Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Stay Healthy at Tourneys



It IS kinda funny but let's think about how true this really is.

When you remain in a big tourney til Sunday for a weekend tourney or til the end on an all day tourney, you tend to take care of yourself more.

You do not eat not too heavy so you can focus better (too much food in the tummy takes away from brain oxygen), you don't drink a lot of alcohol because you want to give yourself a better chance,  you keep hydrated with lots of water, etc.

And if it's a weekend tourney and you last til Sunday, you will more likely not stay at the pool hall and get drunk nor stay out late on Saturday night.   And you won't be eating your sorrow loss away with a stupid heavy meal.  You'll get to bed at a decent hour so you get plenty of sleep (if the tourney means anything to you).

So the moral of the story?  Stay as long as you can in the freaking tourney.  Lol.

I know it helps me.  I've ate plenty of pasta or greasy hamburgers after losing out of a tourney to drown my sorrows, lol.

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