Friday, August 8, 2014

My Personal View of Ivory

As many of you know, my Mom passed away almost 3 years ago this month (I hate August).  I have mentioned her a lot in my blog, as she was a very important person in my life (and vice verse).

One of the more personal things about my Mom I haven't shared here (but is very apparent all over my Facebook page), is that my Mom loved elephants.  She loved all animals, actually, but for some reason she really loved elephants.  I even took her to an Elephant Sanctuary in 2008, before she could no longer walk far.

Photo op near an Elephant statue, and then real elephants walked up to get in the pic with Mom!

My Mom was a very compassionate for animals.  She sent money to several animal organizations to help animals endangered or in distress.

So, imagine my surprise when I'm designing my 4th custom cue in 2009 and the cue maker sends me a mock up and written detail of the design I came up with.

Where I put "white" he changed to "ivory."



My Mom LOVES elephants.  I can't use ivory in my cue!

I told him I wanted holly, not ivory.   He said that ivory would make the cue more valuable.

Well, I could care less about that.  And I hadn't planned on ever selling the cue, anyway.   But bottom line, I could never have ivory in my cues.

He obliged, luckily.

I'm having another custom cue made and my description included this, "Also, this may sound silly, but I don't want ivory on the cue where I've asked for white.  Personal preference."

Honoring my Momma every day!

One of the many stuffed animal elephants I bought my Mom for her hospital rooms.

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