Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Winning Can Lead to Other Opportunities

I hadn't ever thought about this before.

After I won the BCAPL Texas State tourney, I mentioned that it crossed my mind to see if I could get sponsorship from someone for my ACS Team, to kinda ride the the wave of success I was having.

Well, last week someone called me and wanted to interview me for a new online billiard magazine, since I just had a great April and May.

The next day, I received ANOTHER call to get interviewed!  This is from one of the top billiard magazines so I was even more excited!

Each interview asked different questions about my wins - how I overcame jitters, what's next (not thinking ahead I told them), how I got my nickname, which wins had more meaning, and of course some details about the win, etc.  It was really fun!

But, I guess winning can lead to even MORE opportunities as I was actually (I still can't believe this) approached by a CUEMAKER who wants to make me my own custom cue (that I design)... FOR FREE!  So, I would have a cue sponsor.  OMGosh!

I can't believe it!!

This is WAY early, but if this comes to fruition, you know I'll be writing about it here in this blog.

I already have 4 custom design cues (even though I had to let two go) and I thought the final one would be my last..... but maybe not.  Wow!

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