Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saying Goodbye

It's with very mixed emotions and a heavy heart that I share I had to sell two of my babies.

Yep, I am having to let go of two of my cues.  :(

I first put the notice up on FB and when no one was interested, went to the WANTED/FOR SALE section of the Forums.

The first Jacoby I designed *may* be bought by a friend of ours, but the second designed Jacoby, I put up on AZB.  Within minutes, I had interest.

I was SO new at trying to sell anything, I didn't list all the specifics.  So, I had lots of questions I hadn't even considered, lol.  Now it's very obvious to me the extra specs I should have included.  If anyone is going to buy a cue, we would want to know more details than the below: 

Here is what I said, and shared these photos of the cue:

Low on money and need to sell the cues 
I'm not using to pay some big January bills. 
 So, must let this go.
Custom designed Jacoby cue, half off what I paid for it. Two shafts.
$550, OBO.

The most asked question was, 'was it straight and were the shafts straight?'  And of course: what was the weight, the pin, what type of shafts, the shaft sizes, cue length, how were the tips, etc.

I told my boyfriend later in the day I was getting lots of questions and interests.  He got real quiet.  It dawned on me what was going on...he was sad about it - he loved that cue and occasionally used it, too.

As I took it to work the next morning, to be shipped off, I had almost chest pain-like symptoms.  "Was I really letting go of my Baby?"

Then it hit me, "What if something happened to my current playing cue or I needed to ship it off to get fixed?  I wouldn't have a back up!  I'd be lost without a cue; without one of my own custom designed cues!"

But, I have big bills in Januaray that need to be paid and so I had to say good bye to this one (and hopefully the other one).  I even told the guy, "Please take care of my baby."

In his paypal comment he said, "Money for your Baby."


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