Sunday, December 8, 2013

Opportunity Missed

The other day during my Sunday league, somehow it came up that one of the other players on the other team would prolly gamble with me.


One of the guys would play a girl?

Normally it's tough for me to find a game.

I had already seen how they played and knew it was a good match-up so I was excited about the opportunity.

I won my first 4 games with excellent play, but faltered the last two games due to too many spirits, lol. My team had already won the match and most of my teammates were already feeling good, also, lol.

After the match, they asked the guy and he said yes.

He wanted to play last pocket 8 ball, though, and I told him no.  I don't feel comfy with something I haven't played before and I have heard it's not a real easy game.  So, I stood my ground and would not play it.

Then he left to go talk to his friends, and, then came back up to me and said, "Okay, I'll play, but BCA rules."

I said, "Sounds good.  I have to go get my boyfriend who is just down the street playing league because we carpooled.  I'll be right back."

He said, "Let's just play now, race to 3 for $100."

I wanted to, but I needed to pick him up; and I wanted him there when I played.

I stressed, "I'll be RIGHT back," as I flew out the door to my car.

As I got to my car, my boyfriend texted that he got a ride and was on his way.  I told him I might have a game and he told me to get back inside and play.

I walk swiftly back in, and, well, it was already too late.

He had talked to a couple of people about me even though I was only gone about 5 whole minutes, and found out I played better than he thought and so he wouldn't play.

He did ask to play last pocket 8ball though again, and again I stood my ground, "Sorry, regular 8ball."

Neither of us would budge.

But, the point is, I missed my opportunity.  I should have played right then!  My b/f said he obviously would have understood and would have rather me played.

Next time, I have to jump right then at the chance.  Even 5 minutes can cost a good game.


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