Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mis-Ranked or Not?

Because I run a handicap tour (the Omega Billiards Tour), when I play in league and weekly tournaments, I joke to the players all the time about their rankings.

So, let's say they make a really tough shot, I'll banter, "Well, I need to move you up to an 8 now," lol.  They always look at me funny, wondering if I'm joking or not, lmao.

Or if they miss an easy shot I may say, "Oh man, you are overrated," as they laugh with me.

So, it was funny the other day when I played an Omega player during league.

I had talked to him a couple of months ago about lowering his handicap from a 7 to a 6.  A 7 is kinda like an Advanced player, and he hadn't placed well so I talked to him about moving him down.  I saw a few of his matches on the Tour and he didn't play as good as I thought.  He said he wondered why he was a 7 but didn't want to complain.  I told him I had mis-ranked him and so we agreed together he should be moved down to a 6.

So, he was happy I brought it up to him.

But, during the league match I have against him a month or two later, he breaks and makes a ball.  He starts his run and makes a few more balls.

Then he makes a few more.

"Whoa!  Maybe this guy should be a 7 after all," I'm thinking to myself! 

He hadn't made a mistake yet and is about to run out - a definite sign of a 7-ranked player!

I'm already to joke with him after he runs out, "Yep, gonna have to move you back up, buddy."

He shoots another ball and gets perfect.  He only has two balls left and then the 8 ball.  He shoots and instead of having a shot on the two ball next, he HOOKS himself!

"Yep, you're a 6,"  I say to myself.  lol.

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