Sunday, September 30, 2012

ACS State and Handicaps

I placed 3rd in the ACS Open Singles at the ACS Nationals back in May.

They have three divisions:  Standard, Open and Advanced.  The top 12% finishers of the singles, goes to the Next Higher Division.  That means, since I placed 3rd, I am now considered an Advanced Player with ACS.

The ACS Texas State tourney is upon me (in about two weeks) and I am proud to say I am the defending champion!  I've never been a defending champion before!

I don't feel any nerves, and haven't even thought about the tourney ahead of me.  I normally get VERY nervous before "title" tournaments, but I guess since I've won this one, I don't feel pressure to win it again?  Even though I have "defending" next to my name, lol.  I think if I was to focus on that word, it would be detrimental to try and live up to that expectation anyway.

However, I have even LESS pressure to win now.

The ACS State tourney's races are this:

          Singles                                     Race
          Women’s                                 4
          Women’s Advanced/Master    6
          Men’s                                      5
          Men’s Advanced/Master         7

And because I am now rated an Advanced player, I have to race to TWO extra games than all the other players.

I'm not exaggerating either.  No other female player playing in THIS tourney is listed as Advanced or Masters.  There was one Master player, but when she was told she would have to add two extra games, she decided not to play.

I can't NOT play - I'm the defending champion!  And, I love pool!  And I'm gonna be there anyway during that time because my boyfriend will be playing in singles.  Further - I'm playing pretty darn sporty right now!  ;)

I stated to one of the Board Members that I truly feel that the Men Advanced/Masters should race to two extra games.  But I feel in my heart that the females should only have to add ONE game.  It seems more accurate.

Further if they changed that rule from 2 to 1 extra games, I bet my fellow Advanced/Master friend would play in it after all.

The Board discussed it and while they like the idea, alas, they cannot change the ruling... for this year.  It's already been advertised and it's been in place a few years.  With less than two weeks away, I don't blame them for not changing something like this at the last minute.

While it was only a very fleeting thought that I not play, I instead immediately went to my half-full-glass.  I get to play in ACS State as an Advanced/Master player?!  You don't know how tickled that makes me!  You see, the BCAPL Texas State Championship does not allow Master players.  They allow Advanced players (and they race to ONE additional game), but Masters are not allowed.  ACS DOES allow Masters because they combine Advanced and Masters players into one division at Nationals.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to realize this!  Means I am not being penalized for being a good player!

How can I NOT play this year?  Sure, racing to two additional games will be B-R-U-T-A-L, but I'm all for it.  I get to play pool!

And I can't even begin to express how even LESS pressure I feel;  it's even more awesome.  How can I possibly feel pressure to win again with such a tough race, lol.  :)

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