Friday, September 28, 2012

Early Retirement for Keyon Dooling

I really enjoyed this write up of Keyon Dooling's retirement.  It was sincere and NICE, if that makes sense.  The author gives kudos to Keyon for his decision to retire, stating "Retirement ends one defining era of his life, but with newfound openness and clear conceptions of what he needs, Dooling has a bright future."

What I also like is that the specifics of Doolings struggles aren't defined and as the author states, they "don't need to be".  He's putting family first.

You get the sense what a great guy Keyon is because even though he's retiring from the Celtics, they are still offering jobs related to the Team.  It shows how genuinely he's respected - and as we know, character goes a long way.

Further, the article describes the struggles celebrities face, and how he always put everyone first.  It's eye opening, quite frankly.

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