Friday, March 2, 2012

Video of Lisa's Inspiring Tattoos

I shared back in Jan 2010 the inspiring interview with Lisa Marr about the story behind her tattoos on her wrists.

Then in early Jan 2012 (during a tournament as we watched Lisa compete in the first stop of the OB Cues Ladies Tour in Arlington, Texas at Rusty's Billiards), I mentioned to friend that and I captured her story on video.

My friend had not seen the video and so I tried to find it so I could share the link.  During my research, I realized I had not shared Lisa's video on my blog.  What was I thinking?!  I want to ensure you all get to see this truly inspiring video for yourself!

Lisa has 'Strong' tattooed in Chinese on her stroking arm & the 'Courage' tattooed in Chinese on her bridge arm. "My strength is always behind me and you need courage to more forward. So my stroking arm is always behind me & my courage, bridge hand, is always in front of me" she explained. Lisa does use them during matches also: "when I start screwing up I use them to tell myself that I am strong and to have the courage to regroup myself & play better." When Lisa is looking down during a match, she's not getting down on myself. She admits, "I am pumping myself up by looking at my tattoos! Someone once commented to me that I look like I am giving up when I look down. I thought to myself 'got you fooled then' lol."

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