Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gambling in Reno

As I played my 4th place match in the ladies 10 ball division in Reno on Tuesday, it was the early afternoon, and I noticed that two of the top female players were gambling just a few tables away from my match. I had a very weird reaction when I saw them, and wanted to share.

As I watched these two great players gamble, I felt so much contentment and happiness to NOT be gambling! I was so dang happy to be in the tournament.  So pleased to know that my true happiness is in the tournament realm.

I am just not interested in gambling. I saw several others female players gamble a few times throughout the rest of the week, and while I might watch a few games out of interest, or ask who won out of curiosity, I'm just not interested in that side of pool when I'm at tournaments.

Granted, I gamble some when my boyfriend is around and I am not playing in a tournament, but I'm seriously just so very happy playing in tournaments. :)

I envy those girls a little bit because I know gambling helps their game, but not envious of all the crap that comes with gambling.

Plus, I'd rather try to win a title!  

It's just who I am at tournaments.   And I like it. :)

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