Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dress Code Violations

I'm a rebel.  Call the fashion police! 

The dress code for the BCAPL Texas State 8Ball Tourney is simply:  Collared shirts and no shorts.

I admit I stepped out of the guidelines of the dress code and wore a dress that didn't have a collar.  See outfit below:

After my first match on Friday, the ref comes up, gives me a hug for my win and says, "Good news is, you won.  Bad news is, we got a complaint and you need to change into something with a collar."

I told her I figured someone would complain, even though I looked cute, lol.  I then asked who complained and she told me.  Whatever; I didn't really care who.  I was a rule breaker.  I tested the limits.  And lost.

Funny thing was, I was playing my match right in front of the Tournaments Directors!  I was on the very first table, and they didn't even notice my fashion faux pas.  Instead, some girls from "another city" complained. 

So I changed into my team shirt that was in the car and played my next match in "proper" dress code!

As soon as I was out of the tournament, I changed right back into my dress, lol.

And check out this little guy!  3-year-old Cute Pie!

 Cutie Pie (in dress code, lol) and I - photo op for this blog piece!

Someone overheard me talking about my dress code violation and this lovely woman shared with me her son was hitting balls the night before on a back table and was told he couldn't hit balls in his t-shirt.




He wasn't playing in any event, he was just trying to hit a few balls around (tough for a 3-year-old anyway) and they asked him to stop until he changed.  Now, I admit that to even practice on the tables the rule is you must have a collared shirt and pants (no shorts).  But come on!  Really?!?  Enforcing it on a 3-year-old?  Wowser...


poolminnow said...

Well, if they're gonna pick on a 3-year old they certainly couldn't let you get Crazy!

Boo's Girl said...

actually the refs and the TD noticed your attire prior to your match. consensus was that you were well dressed albeit out of dress code and decided to allow you to play. however, once complaints were received they had no alternative but to ask you to comply with the dress code requirement. as far as the 3yr old goes... dress code for one, dress code for all. in some places dress code compliant or not, they would not have allowed him on the tables. i just think it was cool once he was compliant he was allowed back on the tables.