Monday, February 15, 2010

PoolSynergy - Favorite Player

Our goal this month for PoolSynergy is to write about our Favorite Player.

While I could easily mention why a couple of pros or regional players are my favorite, I would rather tell you know who my real favorite, 'favorite player' is.

What does my favorite player look like? Hard to describe - sometimes they are short, tall, skinny, thick; have blond, brown, or black hair; are male or female; are young or old; can be a good player, average player, or a pro player.

My favorite player is: that player who you happen to be talking to at a pool tournament.... and out of that conversation, you learn something enlightening from them. That to me is the epitome of my 'favorite player.'

Sometimes this 'favorite player' is a top regional player you seek out to ask advice about something you have been struggling with. But more often than not, I get enlightening advice from just a regular person who I just happen to be talking to at some point during a tournament. You walk away smiling from the great conversation you just had with this 'favorite player,' telling yourself to remember that golden nugget of great advice they just shared with you! I love eye opening moments, learning new mental toughness tips, and hearing advice about competing.

The 'favorite player' can be a person who has never cashed, or one that hasn't played competitively in over a decade, or one that only plays cheap sets for fun.... but they have a wealth of knowledge about overcoming nerves, focusing on the task at hand, not worrying about missed shots, how to overcome embarrassment.... just to name a few examples. My 'favorite player' helps me learn, improve, and grow. Having that chance encounter of chatting with them who then shares tidbits is why this player is, well.... my favorite player. :)

These situations from my 'favorite player' you hardly ever seen coming - it just happens. Bam! The favorite player just told you how they look at a piece of chalk on the table to avoid seeing who is in the audience. Bam! The favorite player just explained over dinner why he feels the pressure of expectations and how he gets over that. Bam! This other favorite player has never cashed but took Navy SEAL training and tells you that in order to help your breathing routine, make sure to keep your palms open up, not clamped or faced down while sitting in your chair during a match. Bam! You complain to a favorite player just after a match how bad you played and they share, 'you didn't look comfortable out there' and the comment leads you to take your time and you win your next four matches because of that chance encounter. Bam! You happen to be sitting in the stands and a spectator divulges a great preshot routine tip!

I could go on and on (now you see why I really like my 'favorite player.' :) )

Watch out for my 'favorite player!' You may never know when they are around. :)


Unknown said...

Openness to learning pays big dividends. Openness to learning from everyone can make you rich, with a great volume of wonderful tips and a life of enjoyable conversations with new friends.

I always seem to leave your site even happier than when I arrived. Thanks.

PoolBum in the Philippines said...

Nice article. Sort of like what I was trying to say in mine but you said it better.

Johnny said...

Excellent article! I would have to say that we have the same "favorite player". :D

Anonymous said...

texas trigger: the new everyman (woman?) of pool?