Friday, August 24, 2018

The Ear of a Better Player - Project Hunger Games

Katniss (of the Project Hunger Games series of my blog) played in a tournament a couple of weeks ago and the Saturday of the tournament was a really long day.

However, she had a HUGE positive spin to her long day.

She got to experience something I truly love and appreciate SO MUCH!  She got to sit next to a seasoned player the entire day who talked about shots and the reasons why (or why not) the players shot the right (or wrong) ball.

My heart is racing with excitement as I type this I'm so excited!

I can't begin to express how cool this is!  As we watch a match together, their knowledge and experience is being shared with us about what is correct and why or why not.  It's like your own personal training video right in front of you, but it's live and you can ask questions and/or see right away what is best (or not).

Some of my most memorable big tournaments were not ones I played in, but ones I sat in the stands next to a seasoned player where we discussed shot selections.  I am SO excited Katniss got to experience this!  It's a HUGE learning experience.  Almost a private coaching lesson in itself, right?  To talk about shots, why they should or shouldn't break something out, etc.  Many of us who really love the cleverness of the game are already thinking to ourselves about shot selection, so to be able to have a discussion about shots is truly a gift.

I'm so happy for her!  Damn, I wish I was sitting there, too!

If you have the opportunity to sit next to a seasoned player, lean over and ask, "Hey, what would you do here?"  Ohhhh, the things you learn!

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