Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Practice Not a Home - Project Hunger Games

Katniss (of the Project Hunger Game Series section of my blog) has a pool table at home.

Yet, she goes and practices at different pool rooms before her big tournaments.

I was so happy when I noticed last year she was doing this!  As I have written one thousand and ten times (I might be exaggerating), practicing in a pool room is key because that's the same elements you will encounter in a tournament.  I think practicing at home can hurt us.  Quiet, no distractions, nothing like a pool tournament hahaha!  I do submit that practicing drills at home is okay to do (but I still prefer the atmosphere of a pool room).

So, I asked Katniss why she goes to a pool room to practice.  You know, to get validation of all the amazing tips I share. ;)


Her answer wasn't anywhere close to what I said above!

WTF.  Does anyone even listen to me anymore?  Damn.  I'm all broken hearted over here.

Her reason was her table at home is slow, and she wanted to play on tables that were faster, because her up-coming tournament was on fast cloth.

Ooooh, well fine then, use that as a reason.

She will also practice before tournaments at pool rooms when her up-coming tourney is played on a 9 foot or bar table, because she has an 8 foot table at home.

What I like about this entire post are several factors:  She puts in time to practice, she is aware of the size tables in her events and accommodates her practice, she is always aware of the conditions of tables and makes adjustment to practice on similar cloth, and she is going to many different events!

She puts in time, she does her homework, and she plays in many different types of events.

Now, what about you reading this?  Please tell me you aren't just showing up to a tournament this weekend with no preparations??  Don't disappoint me, peeps!  :)

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