Wednesday, November 23, 2016

City Council Experience

I attended my first-ever City Council meeting earlier this month!

Can you say Mayor Bailey?  lol

Although I live in the Dallas-Fort worth metro-plex, I physically live in a very small city so we have our own small city hall, with a Mayor, and once a month they have city council meetings.

It has been on my (what I thought would be a very distant) to-do list to attend one of these to get more involved, and I finally had the time to attend my first time.  I attended more readily because my next door neighbor is the mayor and that helped break the ice walking into something completely new - I wasn't alone and sat with his wife.

It was a pretty interesting experience to say the least.

And ironically, it's just like running an Omega Tour!  Meet once a month, some people give kudos, some people get upset, issues are looked into or resolved, and it's for the people.



Babylon Brother said...

I think running for public office might be the next step for you. You would be fantastic. But I'm not sure your skin is thick enough. Whatever you experience running The Omega would be multiplied many times over. But you could start small, suggesting to your neighbor that you might like an appointment on some city board. And then, see how you like it. Often, school board is next -- but usually that office goes to someone who know the system and has -- or has had -- children in school. That said, there are tons of opportunities for you to give public service, particularly for someone with a conscience and who cares.

Melinda said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence! I would only be able to look into this many years down the road... but plenty of time to think about what you said and what I can help with - great ideas. THANK YOU!