Monday, March 14, 2016

"You Gave That to Me"

I found myself in a little weekly 8ball tourney last Wed night.  Hadn't done that in a long time. Felt out of my element because I haven't played in so long.

As I start my first match, some guy on the next table says, "wow, she's really playing?"

My friend says jokingly, "yep, I brought in a road player."  LMAO.

As the night goes on, I find myself playing for 4th place.  I am playing a guy I again don't know.  I run out quite beautifully the first game in this short race to 2.

I play REAL good the next game with some good breakouts, too, but I miss a long 8 ball to win the match 2-0.  I was uncomfy with it and should have stood back up and then shot it maybe in the side anyway.

Score:  1-1

So the next game again I'm playing well still and lots of safes.  I finally see a run and as I'm shooting the ball before the 8 ball, I miscue.

The guy runs out his few balls left and beats me 1-2.  As he shakes my hand he tells me, "you gave that to me."


Why does anyone say such stupid ass things?!

I snap and reply briskly, "I didn't give you /nothing/."  (have you also noticed our grammar skills go out the window when we are upset?  lol)

And added as I walked away, "plus, I miscued."

I realize it seems innocent, but I have written about this before, to just not say anything at the end of a match.

I was already not happy at myself for losing, bit of was embarrassment running through my veins, and he's gotta say something that pushed the knife of shame in deeper?

Don't people realize we already know we lost because we missed and shouldn't have?  Why point it out?

Just walk away, Dude.  WALK AWAY.  lol

You really don't need to say anything; it just makes it worse.

I already know I should have won.

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