Friday, December 19, 2014

How to Not Think About Those Around You And Play POOL

A guy at the pool room was saying how he can't play good pool in front of the players that have known him for a long time, but in front of new players he plays good. 

Evidently, he had just started to come back around to play pool, so he felt like all the players he used to know were judging him about why he hadn't improved more.

He asked me if I knew why that was that he played so differently in front of different people? 

I told him, basically, that he's not thinking about pool.

I told him what I learned from Phil Capelle a long time ago:  Focus on your fundamentals and pre-shot routine, and also your 3-ball shape.  If you do that, then your mind will be busy focusing in playing your best pool, and you wont be thinking or worried about who is watching or around you!

Then he scooted off excited to play more pool. 

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