Friday, December 5, 2014

Did I Play Well?

Sometimes, you just know you played well in a tournament.

Sometimes, you know you didn't.

But what if you thought you did, but turns out you didn't?

I recall several "tests" where lets say a guy runs up to a woman and grabs her purse and runs off.  Several people are interviewed, they all have a different description.  Turns out it was staged, and they were all shown the footage and shown just how bad their recollections really were.

Well, this is what I am wondering about my ACS State singles play.

Did I "really" play as well as I think I did, or am I reflecting incorrectly?

I remember telling my friend Michelle, "Damn I'm playing good."  But, is that what got me to 4th place?  Or was it me taking advantage of my opponents' mistakes?

Sure, I was playing exceptionally well.  But, I honestly don't think I won because I played all that perfect.

I was more knowledgeable than my opponents and it helped in safety battles.

I took advantage of their mistakes and ran out after they missed.

But I didn't break and run a lot.  I didn't even rack and run a lot.

I had GREAT shots.  GREAT shot selections, yes.

But as I reflect back, maybe I was only winning because of my opponents, not because of myself.

I DO realize that some tournaments/matches are won b/c our opponents make mistakes.  We pick up the pieces and win from there.  Even then - we still have to come with it - even if we have 3 balls left on the table - it's still up to us.

I recall feeling like I was playing very well in that ACS tournament in October, but I lost because someone finally took advantage of my mistakes.

If I was really playing well, I would have beat my last opponent, right?

Does any of this make sense, lol.

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