Monday, July 22, 2013

Team Name Process

My women's team for BCAPL Nationals was trying to come up with a name for ourselves.

We wanted something more powerful than our state name "Fab Five."  One teammate suggested Exterminators, then Executioners.  Yea, NO.  I wouldn't want to be on a team with a name like that, lol.  That's too harsh for my little heart! 

I came up with Lethal Ladies, thought it was pretty good!  But one of the teams in our league used that name just last season so we shouldn't use it.

So what do I do?


I head over to my favorite channel online to see if any of their TV shows has a name that would fit perfect.

Yep, Investigation Discovery!

I LOVE that channel.  :)

They have really good names, but none matched what we were looking for.

Deadly Women?  No.

Fatal Vows?   No.

Facing Evil?   Karma's a Bitch?  Wives with Knives?  lol, No, No, No.

I thought it was a clever idea, but it did not produce the perfect name for us after all.

BTW, we didn't like any names the team members were throwing around, and then at one tournament, one teammie asked the other, "You ready?" 

"Hell, I was born ready!"

Team name found!  Born Ready

We ALL loved a name finally :)

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