Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Get ready, because since I was in Vegas for ten days playing in the BCAPL Nationals, I have A LOT of things to share!

First let's talk about the new balls. Yep, BCAPL used new balls this year. If you haven't seen the balls yet, let me start off with that (click any photo to enlarge):

Yep, tropical skittle colors!

New colors for the 6, 7, 14 and 15 balls.

The Cyclops emblem is on the cueball and it looks raised. A friend said you could feel the emblem, but I couldn't feel enough of it to affect any cueball roll at all.

I adjust really well to tables and cueballs, so Brian and I simply practiced when we got there and I didn't notice anything different AT ALL (except the colors of course).

Then again, I'm the type of person who couldn't tell you the difference between a red circle, blue circle, red dot, or measle cueball. I just adjust well (luckily). 

I liked the new balls; I had no problem with them at all.

And they were a conversation piece because no one knew what stripe or solid was what, lol.  We would say, "I'm gonna shoot the..." (walk around the table to view the # on the ball) "....the 7 ball."  lol, it was comical at times.

My only issue, really, is there was a survey about the balls for the players and the last question asked which color we didn't like the most.  I highly recommend to not change any colors now!

A friend said the cueball reacted a little dif with draw, but I didn't notice that either.  I liked them.


Unknown said...

the balls themselves hit & rolled just fine but the cue ball was another thing entirely. When attempting to draw back 6 inches it would die at 1 to 2 inches. When attempting to draw 1 foot it would draw back 2 feet. Yeas the Simonis cloth is fast for the bar box diamond tables but we have all been used to cloth differences in our shooting days. The cyclop logo had a 3D kind of look to it and if you had to see it in your site line, it was noticeable. The colors didn't effect me so much as I have a red/green color blindness that makes me look at every balls number anyways. I did hear lots of complaints about those easter egg balls though.

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy them at?

Unknown said...

How can the ball changing color Mushrooms SWIRL ON THE TABLE no 6 solid red .. 13 was green