Monday, January 14, 2013

Let Me See

I have noticed I get agitated when I practice with my boyfriend at the house.

We have a nine foot table in what-was the living room.  :) 

There isn't much space left in the room, but we do have a tv in one corner, a recliner to the side, and a small rocking chair in the other corner.

But, I can't see the layout of the table when I'm not shooting.  :(

I am the type of player that needs to sit down when I am not shooting.  I can actually get very irritated during matches, for instance, if someone takes my chair or I have no where to sit. 

I'm a sitter; plain and simple.

But, I also need to be able to SEE the table when I'm sitting.

Mostly, I have a bad back and cannot be on my feet for long periods of time.  Also, I like to rest - my whole body, not just my legs and feet, in between my turn at the table.  I also think it's because I feel uncomfortable if I have to stand and hold my cue in my palms as the other person is at the table.  I feel like the cue gets dirtier when I just have to hold onto it.  And, since I'm a player that doesn't like to set their cue down, I prefer to have it leaned against my body, IF I can sit.

But mostly, I'm just uncomfortable standing.  And if the player plays slow, or runs out, you could be standing a long time.

So, the issue at the house is irritating.  Because I don't own a stool or a tall chair, I can either sit in the low recliner, sit in the rocking chair (that is also low), or I can stand.  Since I don't like to stand, I sit in these chairs.

BUT I can't see the whole top of the pool table! 

I like to be able to fully see the layouts of the table.  I cant just sit there and not be engaged in the match; I like to watch what my opponent is doing, or be able to see what is going on on the felt.  If I'm too low sitting, I can't see angles, I can't learn, I can't be fully into the match... and that makes me irritated and not engaged to play my best.

It's very frustrating even more, because my b/f is running out more, which means even more time sitting low.  And since I can't see, that means less time learning or watching patterns/shots, or being prepared to play my best if I do get to shoot, which means agitation.


I am on the lookout for a cheap stool with a back, when I get some extra money. 

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