Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Corner Man

Well, this piece should really be entitled 'Corner Woman,' lol.

It amazes me when I'm watching my boyfriend gamble how many people ask me to play.  I'm sitting there, focused on his gambling match, and yet people come up and ask me to either gamble, practice, or ask where my cue is, "Why aren't you playing?"

I mean, I am so focused supporting him in his match, I barely even check my phone or play WordFeud when he gambles.  I sit there and watch, encourage, inspire, and provide mental assurance.

I remind myself of The Mighty Mick (Mickey Goldmill - Rocky Balboa's coach), or Freddie Roach (Manny Pacquiao's coach).  Sure, I don't get paid like them nor have my own tv show, lol, but I'm still there for a purpose, for a reason:  to support my guy; to be fully present.  

Need water?  I'm on it!
Make a good shot?  "Good Shot!" I say in support.
Need a pep talk?  I'm there.
Need me to laugh when you make a stupid mistake to help ease the embarrassment? I'm your man! 

It also helps when one goes into a pool room where my b/f is not a regular.  So, his opponents SEEM to have more support from the locals.  That isn't the case, it only feels like it.  But, if I am there, he for sure feels, sees, senses support in his corner.  Being comfortable is a crucial part of competing.  By being right there at his table, I help the atmosphere feel more comfortable.

Even Kevin Trudeau, who formed the famously defunked IPT (International Pool Tour) allowed "corner men" during the matches of his pro events.  Now, he did this for show, for the cameras, but it still helped the players to have a little Jiminy Cricket on their side during a match.  

Can you imagine golfers without caddies?

If I was to walk away from the comfort of my hard, stupid stool and go gamble, do you think my boyfriend would be focused on HIS match?  No.  He would be wondering how I was doing.  How I was handling myself.  If I was winning or not.  Even the simple gesture of looking over to see my score would distract him from his own game.  I don't want to do that; ever.

I know how it feels to have support and someone watch me play in my own matches.  I can't describe it fully, but encouragement and support gives me confidence.  It's kinda like mental nourishment.  So, I understand. 

When someone asks me to practice or gamble, I reply, "Sorry, watching Brian."  And then they look at me funny and confused. lol. 

Well, put yourself in my shoes - I'm there for a reason; not for me, for him.  I'm Mickey and Freddie!  Freddie wouldn't go eat or play cards with friends in the audience or even leave the corner. 

I'm the same way.  :)

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