Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cheesing the NineBall

Cheesing the 9ball isn't an easy thing for me.

I have all sorts of feelings about it.

I think it's because I have had so many comments over the last 20 years of playing pool about it, that it as affected me.

I have gone for 9ball combos and after I miss, someone would say, "You weren't suppose to go for that anyway."

So many good players don't go for 9ball combo's if it's not right in the hole or if the table is an easy layout (i.e. no trouble balls). 

I understand some of the unwritten rules, but I want to seriously get over feeling bad about 9ball combos.

Sometimes I feel bad b/c it gives me an easy game and I am up already in the match.  When that happens - NUMEROUS times I miss for feeling guilty, and then it comes and bites me in the arse later when they come back in the match.

I despise feeling bad about 9ball combos.

I hate feeling bad for going for them and I hate wondering if people are judging me for going for them.

I told a friend of mine about 7-9 years ago, "I felt like people were judging me for going for that 9ball."

Her response was, "So what.  But next time, make sure you take your time on it.  Don't shoot it fast and not concentrate b/c you are worried what others are thinking about it."

I have even had people get mad at me for making 9ball combos. 

It's like I went against some unwritten rule or something.

I'm hoping by me typing all this out I can convince myself how SILLY and STUPID it is to give my 9ball combos judgement by others. 

I need to do what's best to win games and win the match.  I'm not doing anything illegal or against the rules.

Don't get me wrong, I don't feel bad every time.  I know the times it's obvious to go for a combo (i.e., it's "socially acceptable"). 

But it's the borderline ones that I feel guilty about or feel judged about. 

NO MORE Melinda!

Who cares.  I'm following the rules, dang it. 


Unknown said...

I feel relief that I'm not the only one who feels this way about cheesing the 9-ball and as I was reading your post it was almost as if I could have written it myself, especially the part about missing out of guilt etc. I have done that same thing so many times.. My hope is that by reading and responding to your post I can let go of some of that unwritten rule too! Good luck!

Tobes said...

I just happened to google "Cheesing the 9ball" and there you came! But this is actually pretty awesome (and very well written btw) that even the best of players have the same slight insecurities about things such as this :)