Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Leagues, Thoughts and Decisions

A lot of "league things" have been going on in my life lately.  More than ever before!

Previous League
My Sunday league that I dearly loved because of the guys and girls on my team, had to move on without us this year.  They needed to start their season and my women's team for BCAPL needed to figure out how to qualify for State and Nationals.  We finally figured out to join a women's league on Thursdays next Fall.  I will miss the team - they were SO much fun - but I do like my Sunday afternoons off now. :)

BCAPL League
Although my women's team is set, I needed to figure out how to qualify with my boyfriend for scotch doubles BCAPL State and Nationals.  He asked his Monday night team if I could join them.  That's the team he qualifies with for State and Nationals.  It wasn't an easy question or answer, as they are one of the top teams on the league (literally) so they can't just have chump change play with them.  Plus, the captain had to check to see if he had room AND if the other guys on the team were okay with it. 

They said yes! 

So, now boyfriend and I wont have to find a separate league to qualify on - with me joining their team, it makes it very easy.   

However, the first night I played for them (last week) I was SUPER nervous.  I put so much pressure on myself to play well and do well.  I kinda freaked out a little.  Turns out, I was thee ONLY person on our team that night to win ALL five of my matches and I even had a break and run!  Maybe I'll fit in a little bit. ;)

ACS League
One of my good friends Janet told me about a team meeting for an ACS League starting up.  She told me about it b/c if I was in the area if I wanted to come by, we could hang out.  Inside, my little brain starts running and I wondered if she needed a player for State (and *possibly* Nationals in Vegas).  She talked to her teammates and it might work out that enough players qualify we can have two teams at State!

This league is very smart!  It's an all-women's league out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Thursdays.  Last year a HUGE fiasco happened and the dual sanctioned league broke off and split up.  So, the teams left on Thursdays play only BCAPL now.  They would prefer to be dual sanctioned with ACS like they were, but whatever happened broke ties and the women have split leagues now.  So, the BCAPL Thursday league players want to play ACS State, so they smartly started a new league JUST for that purpose!

It's a scotch doubles ladies-only league.  Twelve weeks, minimum weekly dues ($3) to qualify us for ACS State (and Nationals if teams go).  I'm very impressed by their organization and pro activeness.

The only bad thing is the non-traveling Tuesday league is at Diamond Jim's and Tuesdays is $1.50 long-necks, lol!  Luckily, I don't like beer that much.

You have to be a member of the Thursday league so I joined the team and will play several weeks with them.  Pretty cool - they have two Queen of the Hill tourneys I'm very excited about!

Straight Pool League
I haven't written about this because I was pretty ashamed, but I quit my Straight Pool League last season.  I *could* tell you I only had two and a half weeks left for 7 matches and was too exhausted after Nationals to get them all in.  But, that really wasn't the only reason.  I had the worst season so far on that league.  I was excelling in so many tournaments (state, regional, local, national) but the straight pool league was a bad indication of the great year I was having.  And it made me sick to be so low in the standings!  I had 4 wins and 5 loses when I quite and just didn't think I could even get in the top 5 like I had for the other 8 seasons I've played. :(

And all you straight pool players may not like this even more:  I'm thinking of not joining the league that starts next month.

I know, I know, I will disappoint a lot of you, but my heart isn't in it.   I studied it so much over the holidays and yet STUNK.  Sure, I won the ladies straight pool challenge in May in Vegas, but I am simply not interested in the league.  It's 30 minutes away and I have to deal with annoying opponents a lot.  I realize every match is a great mental test, but if I'm not looking forward to the matches, I don't think I should play.

I DO plan on playing a race to 125 at least four times a month against my boyfriend on a 9 foot table (the pool room for league only has 8 foot tables).  I notice when I play him I still get frustrated and/or happy and I go through the same emotions as I would in my matches for league (that's how brutal straight pool is, lol).  So, I will still be playing the game.

If I have any inkling that my game goes down in the Fall b/c I am not in that straight pool league anymore, I will reevaluate playing in it for the following season.  But I think I will be okay.  :)


Anonymous said...

So, when you're really challenged by a great game, like 14-1, the answer is to quit???

Melinda said...

I didn't say I was going to quit playing the game, just not play this season in the straight pool league. I'm still going to play it 4 or more times a month. :)