Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Straight Pool Season Almost Nixed

With three months of the straight pool season behind me, two more to go, and I've only played 8 out of 8 matches, I seriously considered forfeiting the rest of the season.

I'm not even close to being in the top 5 of the overall standings, and with all my weekends taken until May 19th, I figured I would be too short on time to get the rest of my matches in any way.

I'm just not into straight pool right now.  Not sure if it's because I'm not doing well in the standings or what.  After being bummed about having no chance to make the top 5 (like I had the last 6 seasons), I told myself to instead try to get in the top five of high finishes.  But when I finally played a match a week ago, I was so dis-interested, I only ran 14 three times, nothing higher.  I figured forfeiting the rest of the season really was the best thing to do.  I'm just... bored. 

I even told a colleague on Saturday to just forfeit me in our match, because I just don't have time or interest and no desire.

But today I received the stats so far this season via email.

Although I'm still not in the top 5, I think I can overcome some positioning after all.  I honestly didn't think I could, but I think I can a little bit.  I may not get in the top 5 still, but if I win most of my next 8 matches, I will be close. "Close" is good, right?

And of course, playing straight pool matches will help my 8ball game, and I have some crucial 8ball tourneys coming up that would benefit from some straight pool practice.

I watched so many straight pool DVDs in December to improve my knowledge of the game and to get ready for this season, and yet my stats don't show it.  I know in the beginning it was my mental game and missed shots that cost me the first losses (not my new knowledge), but it's still frustrating. 

But, I've now decided to finish out the season (I'm no quitter)! I will force myself to play on week nights to get my 8 matches in before the deadline!

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Babylon Brother said...

"No interest" or "desire" to shoot pool? Doesn't sound like you. Remember also that you made a committment. Please don't get to the point where you're simply burned out -- and decide to take up shuffleboard (LOL). It's not ALL about winning. You simply won't win all of the time. And if you can't win (or place in the top 5), that's not a good enough reason to quit. Rediscover the Joy.