Saturday, July 17, 2010

When Frustration Sets In...

Come on people. Is it SO difficult to advertise for a a tournament? Seriously? We are pool players, we get it, we know what to do and how to sign up for a tournament. But we need INFORMATION!

OMG. I tried to enter a tournament coming up and it was ludicrous (and I don't mean the rapper, Ludacris).

Give us simple little things: entry fee, address, contact info, dates, and times play starts. We can figure out the hotel and everything else. But if we don't have specifics on HOW to enter or when it starts, how do they expect to get entrants? I wont show up without info. Every one knows that's why I didn't show up to the big, huge, last-minute advertised, hardly-there info, Galveston tournament.

The flyer for this particular event (that I wont say which it is) doesn't even give the entry fee! I called the # on the flyer, and no return call yet. I have emailed two email addresses I found on another flyer of theirs and listed on their voicemail.... yep, no response yet. It's been almost two weeks now.

I just don't get it. I really don't.

Make it easy for us to sign up and you will probably get more entrants. No wonder the fields aren't getting full.


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