Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well, a got an interesting text today. I received a text from the OB Cues Tour asking me if I was interested in playing the Women's U.S. Open. What's funny about this is, I did not attend the Regional Tour Championship, yet they still had an opening and asked our Tour if any of the top players where interested in taking the spot. Wow - you mean I got an "invite" anyway? To the Women's U.S. Open? Wow.
I realize it's prolly my only chance to play in a pro event, because I don't enter qualifiers and I don't go to the RTC.... but it would cost me $625 (entry fee and membership fee)... but it is close to me (3 hours driving distance or so)....

Part of me kinda wants to take the opportunity (it really would be good experience), but another part of me doesn't want to spend that kind of money (plus hotel) on a tournament like this. The Board Member who texted me said "you are playing well" and yes I just place 4th last weekend on the tour stop in Tulsa at Magoo's, but I just don't know....

My Mom is also not feeling well and I would hate to leave her right now. I would need to ensure she is feeling okay.

But, I already said no, but a small piece of me knows this is a chance/opportunity to finally play in a true women's pro event, a chance that may never come up again. But I'm not interested in playing on the pro tour. And the way Janet Atwell played against me in Tulsa - I wouldn't have a chance against most of them; then I'd really be just donating, right?

Am I missing out on an opportunity, though? Hmm....


After I wrote this, I called back the OB Cues Tour and told them to send in my name. If they have an open spot no one has taken up yet (it may be too late because I'm sure all the tours were asked and are now sending in names), I may get the CHANCE to say.... wait for it..... "maybe!"


Update: The WPBA had one spot open and they asked who was interested in the spot by going down the current rankings list of the OB Cues Tour. My dear friend and 2nd place-ranked player Jennifer Kraber accepted the invite! I am SO happy she gets to play in the U.S. Open! She only had a 24-hour window to plan and get there, but she is going!

I admit I am happy I reconsidered the option to send my name in so I at least had a chance to go if there was an opening. Personal growth yesterday for me!

Good luck to ALL my friends!

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Jeff said...

Well, I for one think this would be a great opportunity for you. You can always learn from playing players who may be better than you. Plus, in this format of tournament, anything can happen, with the double elimination. And, since I am attending the event, I'd like to get the chance to see you play. Hope our paths cross in OK.