Monday, July 26, 2010

Video Diary of My Broken Cue

I broke my cue during my OB Cues Ladies Tournament this past weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. :(


Jeff said...

Looks like it should be a pretty easy fix, but maybe you should leave it this way as a constant reminder to keep your emotions in check during matches. I have a pretty bad ding in the butt of my playing cue, but I haven't had it fixed to try and keep myself mindful of how I treat my equipment. Just a thought.

Melinda said...

Good idea! Plus, it definitely adds more character to my cue! :)

Johnny said...

Wow, a friend of mine did the *exact-same-thing* to his carolina just last week. He got mad, slammed the cue down into the floor and the butt-cap shattered and pieces went flying.

Good luck in the Open!!