Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Straight Week

The Predator 69th World Straight Pool Championships is being held at Comet Billiards in Parispanny, NJ - home of the Accu-Stats Arena.

I don't care if the tournament is sanctioned or not, or why some notable players didn't show, or what is going on with all the politics (the Internet Forums are a-buzz about all that). What I do care about is it's a week-long tournament and it is LIVE on the Internet!! With different camera angles, score tickers on the screen, and awesome commentating, my life is grand right now. Ahhhh..... :) Watching and learning about straight pool all week is making me elated! I am so excited!!!

It cost me only $54.95 to watch online for the whole week. I wont be able to watch every hour this week - one night I need to practice for my upcoming tourney and other times I do need to work (lol). I will be at the OB Cues Ladies Tournament this weekend so I can't watch the finals on Saturday, but I will punch in A LOT of GREAT hours of straight pool play from top players and AWESOME commentating.

Last night Danny Diliberto and John Bender commentated and it was awesome. This morning my friend Bob (akaWorldison2) is filling in and doing a great job.

Okay, back to learning!

Til next time...

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