Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love Me Some One-Pocket

I've been playing more and more one pocket - not just playing, but getting coached! I have a one-pocket coach and we have met a handful of times now in December and over the holidays. He says he can see improvement (so can I). :)

I just love this game! I have the patience and eye for it, but I find I get real tired after about 4 hours. I'd tell you who my one-pocket coach is, but he's a road player, so I can't say his name. He is very knowledgeable, and in addition, many of the other guys at the pool room give me tips when I play the game, so it's awesome.

I am still practicing ten-ball and working on my pre-shot routine, though. That is key to keeping up my 9ball game (hopefully, lol)

I would like to become the best female one-pocket player in the state. I don't know how that is determined, lol, but that is something I would love to be someday. Here are more things I wrote down on a "Bucket List of Pool" thread on AZBilliards.com

This photo is from the onepocket.org website.

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