Sunday, January 11, 2009

Derby Fatboy Challenge

Derby City is this long, awesome, famous tournament with 3 different type of tournaments being held during a week. Never been there, but everyone else in the world goes to these tournaments - pros, amateurs, wannabees, the old-timers, etc. It's one of the few tournaments you can go to and walk around freely with the pros and also play alongside them. Women and men both play in the tournaments.

There is also a lot of gambling going on all the time, from what I hear. It's prolly one of the best times to watch that much action in one week.

A "special" event is being held this time and my friend Eric, aka Fatboy, will be donating $4,000 to a 16-man, single elimination, 10-ball tournament. The entry fee is $1,000. That is a total purse of $20,000 with $10,000 to the Winner, $5,000 for Second and $2,500 for Third-Fourth. All matches are a Race To Fifteen, Single Elimination.

The dates are Jan. 24-26 at night.

Here are the confirmed players so far:

Darren Appleton
Shane Van Boening
John Morra
Ronnie Wiseman
Alex Pagulayan
Mike Dechaine
Mika Immonen
Johnny Archer
Stevie Moore
Marcus Chamat
Ralf Souquet
Rafael Martinez

While this special tournament was being discussed on the AZB forums, an idea came up for $100 blind raffle by a follow poster. I said to myself, "wth," and decided to throw in my Ben Franklin for fun. There is only 11 players signed up right now, but 11 people rolled the virtual dice for those 11 players to see who would get who, and I got Mr. Shane Van Boening. We are only paying 1st and 2nd. We'll see how it goes....

Good luck to everyone!


Samm said...

Any chance you'll be there???

Melinda said...

Nope, wont be going this year. :(

Cristina De La Garza said...

What a lucky pick ;) jk. Wish you could have come this year :(