Friday, January 16, 2009

I Have a Challenge Match

There is a thread on the forums were people from the same state can challenge each other. There is certain criteria that must be met before you can be a challenger, and I happen to meet the criteria. Texas has had three challenge matches, and I just challenged the newest winner. Of course, I did this BEFORE I found out I was in a slump, LOL.

We play two sets - my opponent picks the first set, the challenger (me) picks the next, and the previous opponent picks the tie breaker.

I will be playing a guy from North Texas named Zach.

We will be playing short rack banks Race to 5 and then 9-ball Race to 9. The tie breaker (if needed) will be 8-ball, picked by Tara (the previous King of Texas (well, Queen)). That race will be to 7.

All matches get played on 9-foot tables.

We will be doing this at the Billiard Den (in Richardson, Texas) on Jan 22 (a Thursday).



Samm said...

SWEET! Go get 'em!

p.s. Did you mean short "rack" banks?

Melinda said...


Yes, it's rack, not rail. I fixed it. ;)

Samiel said...

I'm going to try to come watch!

Don Juan said...

Kick some ass!!! I'm rooting for you!!