Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekly tournament 1

My friend Ryan convinced me to play in a weekly tournament that if I play enough in on Monday nights, I will qualify for a bi-yearly $$ tournament. Evidently, there is a lot of money in these biannual tournaments so I figured I try my hand at the weekly tournament.

I had played the day before at Rusty's and played REALLY good against Ryan. I had helped run a tournament the morning of and it was a great event, I thought, and really enjoyed helping my teammate Tracie out. I decided I HATED the way I let my mental game get to me at the Grapevine tournament so I had thought about it and when I practiced on Sunday, I really beared down and concentrated and honestly outplayed Ryan, which I should never do.

Also, the darn straight-in draw shot had killed a few chances to win again and one day I spent 2.5 hours straight on the straight-in draw shot and although guys at the pool room gave me hints, Curt helped me the most and although I wouldn't know how it would affect me in the future, I did feel more comfortable. I lowered the back end of my cue at the same time I shortened my bridge.

Anyhow, anytime I show up at a tournament I hardly know anyone I get nervous and I was. I knew three people, Ryan, Dennis, and Ashley. Ashley is so sweet and cute. But, I initially felt uncomfortable and was glad when Ryan FINALLY showed up. They had a calcutta and I went for $100! Did I hear that right? OMG. CRAZY.

I won my first match 2-1. Whew. Squeaked by that one. Then felt more confident and knew I could win the next one and the guy beat me 0-2! I should have won, but in 8 ball, race tot 2, anything can happen and he made some shots to get out. It was then a race to 1! Last lady was looking bleak as there were two other ladies still left in the tournament. But, somehow, I won one, then two, then three, then four and five races to 1 to meet Ashley in the finals. I won the first set 2-0 and was playing really well. Going down one game, race to 1, I felt I was about to win and didn't play as well and missed three balls while she made two great shots to get out and placed 2nd. I ended up getting last lady because I beat her the first set, didn't buy half myself in the calcutta and ladies don't pay an entry fee. The guy that bought me, and nicknamed me Trigger and would yell it out as I would win my matches, gave me part of the calcutta money and 2nd place money and all of a sudden I had $90! A few more Monday nights and I should qualify for that tournament Nov 6th.

I play tomorrow night... I wonder how I will do. Will I overproject myself? Will I stay down, remain solid? I hope so and I also hope to have fun. It's a great test!

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