Wednesday, August 8, 2007

TOT August '07, Grapevine

Tony and I played Scotch Doubles and although we breezed through the first match 4-1, I played terrible against players we should beat and we lost 2-4 the next match. We won a few more matches after that but lost against what I consider good players 4-3 or 4-2. I missed some shape and left Tony bad on several shots and lost the match for us. We placed 13th and got one-out-of the money.

But, I knew this would get me ready for the singles and I was right. I love 8ball and the 7 foot diamond tables.

I played Kathy Knuth first and was playing well and won 5-2. then I played Ashley next, a local girl that has been wanting to play against other females. I was nervous at first which caused the score to be lopsided in her favor. I tied it up 4-4 and she missed an out under the pressure but after I safely made the 8ball, I didn't consider the side pocket scratch and she won. She would end up winning the tournament and it was definitely her time to win. I was very proud and happy for her!

I then had a little while to wait and I was EXHAUSTED. Stayed up too late, got up too early the two nights before and it had an effect on me for sure. It caught up to me BAD. I played Snowy Belt and was down 3-1 and then won 5-3. I started off slow but caught a gear and somehow won, even with being so tired I could barely breathe. Then played Tara ? next and again found myself down 3-1 and won 5-3. She started to finally miss late in the rack, where at the beginning of the match her confidence was more evident. I knew if I won I could finally go to sleep and knew I could sleep close by, too, which was an incentive.

The next morning, I am running late and come flying down the hill, running with purse, banana, pool cue as I fly into the room. I swiftly walked to my table and ask my opponent if I can go to the bathroom. She graciously said yes and I was able to catch my breath. I was SO nervous I was gonna be forfeited. I got there a little after 9am.

I ran into two people that told me I could beat my opponent, Nina Stillwell. Well, the first game she played F!@#$%ing GOOD! She was, honestly, the smartest 8ball player I ran into. She won the first game and was about to be up 3-1 when she missed a shot and I got out (finally had a shot on the 5 ball) and tied it 2-2. Crucial game/miss. I was actually playing very well and was very confident and playing good. I ended up winning 5-3 I think. She had a great, contagious laugh and fun attitude and I'll never forget her. Although she played VERY smart, I just happened to be playing well.

I then played Gerry Gooden and played well again and won 5-1.

I then played Camille Madison. I think I am the better player but the better player that match was her. She told many people before the match I used to be a master player, so she brought her A-game against me and she played so well. Smart. Getting out methodically, etc. I lost my pep, and noticed I wasn't thinking so clear and my head was clogged with "exhaustion." The lack of sleep was getting to me again. Maybe I should have run down the hill before THIS match to wake up again! lol I was disappointed, but not too much because I wasn't into the match.

I placed 5th out of 44. Doesn't sound bad, really. But, pissed the mental game got me. Didn't play pool on Saturday and it cost me that crucial loss.

I practiced 2.5 hours of straight-in draw shots on Tuesday. I want to work on that part of my game. Straight in shots and draw shots are killing me and costing me. I got some tips from many at the pool room, but think the last "helper" might have found what will help me.

I'm actually very frustrated right now and need to read some mental tips from the AZB forums I have printed out and from Phil Capelle to get me ready for future matches.

I am concerned about the next tournament. I'll be going to my parent's house two/three days before the tournament and hope things go well so I will be mentally strong to be a competitor. LOL.

Until next time....

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