Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hunter in Tulsa, July 2007

Wow. What a weekend! This is one of the events I run, so it's a busy time but I love going to Tulsa.

Took Fri and Mon off and Julie and I (another board member) headed out a little late Friday afternoon as we got in town in time (about a 5 hour drive) to meet up with a lot of friends to have dinner at the Japanese Steak House. We had to wait so long and I don't eat a lot anymore, so I was able to have leftovers for breakfast and it was PERFECT! It's probably my favorite Jap Steak House, but it really did take WAY too long and kind if ruined the whole effect.

I just got my hair done.... here is Samm and I at the JST... see how our hair is the same?

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And here we are at the table... they had to split us up:
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On Saturday morning, 36 ladies would come to compete. Here are the brackets:

I would get a bye and then play Kelly Stanley first. I won 7-1, but I wasn't playing up to par. Before I played Helen Hayes next, I became nervous. Even though I won against her in June, I thought she was playing good and finished well two weeks earlier in Austin. I psyched myself before I even played her and play SO BADLY. I couldn't even get out correctly with ball in hand TWO times with only 3 balls left. I wasn't playing pool again. I also missed an out hill-hill because I didn't draw the 5 ball back enough, which left a straight in shot on the six ball, which I didn't make or draw back. I was sick. S I C K.

I then was called to play Jennifer Kraber right away and was just not playing well. Again, the loss of my match with Helen was still on my shoulders, consumed in my mind, and my whole face was tight with disgusted emotions. I was down 6-2 and at that point, I was finally, for whatever reason, able to let go of the previous match. Little to my surprise, I came back and won 7-6. Wow! I did miss badly on the last game and accidentally combo'd a ball, but still won.

I then had to play Monica Anderson next and really wanted to win because I would last until Sunday and gain more points for the rankings. But, I didn't try hard enough, was still jumping up, and even missed two 9-balls. She did play VERY well and deserved the win. I didn't let the loss get to me ... I just didn't play well... and I was actually very happy for Monica because she played so good and it was nice to see.

Then a group of us went to Carrabbas before heading to the casino. Dinner was a bust. People complaining and I was getting so frustrated. Life is so short, my friends! Too much bitching in life and not enough "experiencing." Also, the food was blah. Not like any other Carrabbas and that was dissapointing. I lost only $100 at the casino and was proud of myself for not playing more. :) Ran into Tara and Helen but missed Jennifer. :(

After Julie and I left, Monica hit $1,000 jackpot! Hey, I gave her a ride, where's my cut?

Second chance tournament.... defeated Debbie Watson 5-0, lost to Snowy Belt 3-5 and then lost to a Samm Diep 3-5. Snowy played very well against me. I under estimated her and/but I again wasn't playing well. Samm played GREAT. I hadn't played her before and I really like her game. She plays good and it was a joy to watch.

Julie and I then hung around until the tournament almost ended and I was able to work on some websites and was very content to get things done. Very happy! Then, Shayla graciously let us leave while she stayed for the finals and thank goodness!

So, although there were some downer moments (hypocrisies, complaining, miscommunications, etc), it was a nice mini-me vacation and I don't think I realized just how much it was needed.

Some tips from the tournament. This guy told me a very interesting story while I was walking out of the pool room on Saturday night. He told me this story of Roger Staubach (a famous quarterback for us ladies who may not know) and when a reporter asked him why he thought he was a great quarterback he paused and then replied, "I think it's because I have horrible short term memory."

OMG! Isn't that amazing?! And so true. Wouldn't we all do so much better if we could forget what just happened and therefore move on quicker?!

Another learning experience... Julia Gabriel gave me some GREAT advice when I sought her out for help. She told me to be cognizant of how I felt IN my chair because when I got to the table, I would want to be in a good frame of mind to be able to play well. GREAT advice.

Until Next Time....

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