Friday, August 23, 2019

Cueist Project: That Miss - Intro

I think we all have that one shot we reflect on where we were at a critical point of a big tournament, we can feel our tournament life on the line, and we can sense what a big moment it is. And as we reflect back, we then see that stupid, damn, easy shot we missed!!

I can picture mine like it was yesterday. It was a team event at BCA State. I had a very simple straight-in shot on the 8 ball in the side. If I make it, then my teammate gets to the play the hill-hill game. But instead, I miss it.

As soon as I missed it, I start jumping up and down and exclaim, "I was nervous! I two-stroked it! I didn't stay down!"  You know, because when embarrassment kicks in, we want to explain to everyone watching why we dogged it, lol.

That miss might have been 10 years ago. I still remember it clearly.

However, it taught me the most valuable lesson of all - to stay down on my shots when I'm nervous and to stroke more when under pressure.

Of course that was not the first time I dogged it - but it was the first time in a that crucial of a moment - and that's when we learn the most from.  I've dogged 1,000 nine balls.  But it was that 8-ball for the team win that haunts me most, but most importantly, it's the miss I learned from the most.

The Cueist recently had a similar experience, learning lessons from a crucial miss. Damn misses!

Here is his story:
I'm deep in a big state tournament. My opponent is spotting me 1 game and in a matter of about 10 mins, I'm down 4/1. I claw my way to being down only 5/3, and he misses his last ball. I only have 4balls on the table and I have the break on the hill game. Heck yeah, that's exactly what I wanted! I make my first ball, stop shot. Take a breath. 2nd ball, good shape. Take a breath. 3rd ball, had to go 2 rails for shape w/ inside English. Nail it and took a breath. Last ball before the 8 ball, and I have to draw it back off of the rail w/ outside English. Well, I didn't HAVE to do that, but that was going to get me perfect shape on the 8ball. I get down on the shot feeling a bit nervous and single stroked the shot, while chicken-winging it, and jumping up at the same time. Then took a breath. LOL. Cost me the match of course.

So what did he learn?

Well, I'll keep you in suspense!

He actually talks about 4 very important aspects of that miss.  And they are too important to talk about in just one blog post.  Plus, it would make for a very long read and I don't want to lose your attention (uh, hello?)

Stay tuned!

And while you are waiting with bated breath, what do you think his learning experiences were?  Write them down and compare your notes in the follow days.

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