Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What Do You See on Streams?

I mentioned yesterday, the female pros I listened to this past weekend who commentated for the stream of the WPBA tournament we're really extraordinary!

They would talk about why certain patterns a player chose were best, what the players should do with their shot selections, what options might have been more effective, talked about safeties, all sorts of gems that if one was to pay attention, you would have loved as well from all the learning opportunities.

It made me wonder:

I wonder what other people listen for and watch when they are watching streams? Does everyone do what I do? Are they listening for gems? Are they paying attention and learning about patterns? Or are they just watching two players play on the stream?

I noticed so many things like: who walks around the table more than others, who stays down well on their shots, who walks into their shots, who has great pre-shot routines, all that type of stuff. So it's not just patterns I like to see, I also look for the nuances of why one player might be better than the other.

Obviously I'm not noticing these type of things because I'm still playing pool.

Watching streams helps remind me of great tips I can share with my clients/friends. Further, watching streams also provides me topics I can blog about (case in point, right? lol). And ironically, a few times the commentators this past weekend said something helpful and I responded proudly to myself, "Hey, that's exactly what I've stated before!" It's nice to get confirmation of the tips I have shared via my blog or with my students. :)


Babylon Brother said...

The sport is missing out on a fantastically knowledgeable commentator -- YOU. I wish you could be available to serve as a commentator on these streaming video broadcasts. Like you, I hate the inane babble and bloviating that usually accompanies these matches. And that's sad because it should be an opportunity to learn.

Christine Soto said...

I pay attention to the players fundamentals and try to guess the hit on the cue ball for the next shot. For example center, bottom,right English etc etc.