Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Goals Change as We Change

Goals change as our pool game improves. 

As we begin to get our feet wet in pool and start to live and breathe the game, we might decided to set some goals.  And you will soon see that your goals evolve along with your pool game.

In the beginning, these are typical goals of newbies: 
  1. Join a league.
  2. Get in the money of a two-day tournament.
  3. Try to attend 3 out-of-town tournaments.
We get a little better and our goals mature right along with us:
  1. Last til Sunday in a two-day tournament.
  2. Attend all stops this year of the Tour in my area.
  3. Learn something from every single tournament I play in this year.
  4. Attend a big tournament in Vegas!
  5. Watch more videos and read more books on billiards and mental toughness.
  6. Move up in my handicap (if you are in a handicap league).
More improvement:
  1. Become top shooter in my league.
  2. Get top 3 in a big tournament.
  3. Learn something from every single match I play in this year.
  4. Gamble some to get more experience. 
  5. Should I take lessons?
  6. Get in the money at a big tournament in Vegas.
  7. Have fun in every match (enjoy the game we love to play).
  8. Stay down on all my shots.
We improve even more, so do our goals:
  1. Get top 3 in the rankings of the Tour in my area.
  2. Top 3 at BCA or ACS State tourney.
  3. Place top quarter in the Open at BCAPL Nationals.
Then we get even stronger in our game and ability (and so do our goals):
  1. Win a Tour Stop at least once this year.
  2. Improve my mental toughness.
  3. Become an Advance or Master player with BCAPL by placing well at BCAPL Nationals.
Then if and when you become top of your game, your goals could look something like this:
  1. Play in a pro event this year and place in top half.
  2. Place top 3 in Advanced or Masters division in Vegas (whichever one you happen to be in now).
  3. Win 3 or more stops this year of the Tour in my area.
  4. Play in Tours not in my area.
  5. Place top 3 in the rankings of the Tour in my area.
And of course the pro level would be, maybe:
  1. Win 3 or more big tournaments this year.
  2. Become Tour Champion.
  3. etc.
Pretty neat evolution, huh?

Goals are meant to encourage, and they adjust as we adjust in life as our pool game changes.  

As a reminder, goals need to be detailed and realistic.  I've written about this before if you want to check out information about setting goals. 

Good luck and shoot 'em well!

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