Friday, February 19, 2016

Cool Pool Table with Glass Edges, Yet...

I received an email from Ralph Lauren about this cool table:

I thought this was pretty cool and unique for sure!  Calma and Gesso put a lot of thought into this table.  You can read the specs and such HERE.

Then I admit, I got disappointed.  While looking through the cool website about the table, I found this disturbing promo video:

Yep - you saw correctly.  Rack is not tight (that's a sin in pool!), their bridge hands are not stable (esp the female), and it's just an overall bad video for the serious pool players. 

If the tables are expensive, then the promo video exudes priceyness and who cares how the actors play pool, right?  I do agree the chick stays down on her shots, but that has to be so they could capture the moment on camera, not because she is aware she needs to have good fundamentals to play good pool, even on this table.

Looking through the website more, I see they did have a "mentor" on hand to show the actors how to shoot.  But, still didn't come through.

I don't mean to bash the video - as it does capture the beauty and splendor of the unique table!  Cool-ass table none-the-less.

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