Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hill--Hill Win (diagrams)

Found myself on the hill-hill game for the second time in two weekends for my ladies league.

This particular match was more crucial as it was to see who would move to the finals or not.

Here is what happened in diagrams, I was strips.  Click any photo to enlarge.

I played safe and she did the correct thing and made my 9ball.  

I then had ball-in-hand and I tried to break out the 2/8, but failed to spread them apart like I wanted to do even with ball-in-hand on the 15 ball.

 I then decided to use the 12 ball to get shape for a short rail bank on the 8 ball.  

 I failed to get that shape and then had no choice but to bank the 8 in the cross corner.  I made it!

I was really trying a two-way shot - leave the cueball nestled up against her 2 ball in case I missed (it wasn't one of my favorite bank shots that I felt comfy with).  I did not accomplish that, so I got lucky I made the 8-ball for my team hill-hill.

We then found ourselves in the finals!  We lost that match because we were all so tired, but super proud we placed second again!  Second year in a row!


Robert Johnson said...

The first paragraph should say you were stripes (instead of solids), right?

Melinda said...

Oops, yes - thank you. I corrected it :)