Sunday, August 4, 2013

Captain Bailey

Being captain is not fun.

Not fun at all.

I truly am okay with being captain and making decisions.  But I can also admit that I think my heart is too big for the role.

In some tourneys, I have played teammates so they can get experience and feel part of the team in big events.  I have sat out some of the better players in those cases. Why?  Because I know those players will not get hurt and they will understand why I did that; while at the same time giving other players experiences they may not have had before.  I am all for learning experiences and making memories.

When it comes to "stacked" teams, I play all the good players all the time. I don't mess around; I play the correct players to win.

However, I have found out two important things while doing this in the past year:

  1. I should always play to win and play the top players MORE, even if experience is the goal for others.
  2. It's tough on my heart to sit out any player; even the good ones who might be struggling or the good ones who should play.

Every decision I made - who to sit out or leave in, is tough on me.

I have had several teammates recommend I play certain people or take others out and I was SO thankful they spoke up!  But at the same time, it also pained me to do it.  I eventually I rearranged some players because it was best for the team to win, but it doesn't mean my heart didn't feel some pain to sit them out or even mention I MIGHT have to sit them out.

While I CAN be a good captain and I think I'm good at it for the players, I don't always make the strong decisions right away because my heart gets in the way. 

I do eventually overcome my heart tug-of-war and do what's best, especially when I get feedback from other teammates.

But, sometimes I waffle and don't make the right decisions right away.  I'm a work in progress, though!

One of my friends has no problem sitting anyone out and doing what's best for the team to win at all times.  My little heart stops me from being at that level right now.

I am still proud to say I have captained TWO first place National teams and one first place State Team.  I am doing somewhat okay.  :) 

But, being captain means listening to others; and that I do very well. 

And, I also have great teammates!

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