Saturday, August 18, 2012

Announcing The Omega Billiards Tour!

The state of Texas used to have the Fast Eddies Tour, but it stopped for a couple of years and just started up, but they don't venture to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Houston has TWO tours.  They get 40-90 players each stop and they are clambering over each other down there with tourneys.

The Dallas/Forth Worth area has a lot of players and it's not feasible for us to venture to Houston once or twice a month for a 4-5 hour drive.  We have needed a men's tourney up here for many years.

Because of my 9 years of experience running the OB Cues Ladies Tour in Texas and surrounding states, I have thought about running a Tour in the area.  I even mentioned it to a few people and everyone is all for it.

With my Mom being sick, was the reason I retired from the OB Cues Ladies Tour.  When my Mom passed a year ago this month, this past year has been too tough on me to even think about it too seriously.  Grief causes extreme exhaustion and lack of desire and focus to do ANYTHING, so even though I had a potential sponsor and people interested, my heart and mind wasn't into it.


The last couple of months I have found more energy and while I still miss my best friend, I am not crying every day and dealing with my grief in other ways.  Therefore, because I can think clearer and have more energy, I have thought more serious about a tour in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  I spoke to a few pool rooms, a few sponsors, and after a few months of negotiations, I am proud to announce a tour for the area!

My b/f and I found a top sponsor and we are in the works of the planning the first stops in the Fall in the DFW area!! 

Amanda Lampert will be helping us out and my b/f (Brian Anderson) and I will be Tournament Directors and run the Tour. 

I am SO excited!  I almost can't sleep at night with all the ideas and thoughts running through my head.  :)

To run a tour is not easy, but I have connections, experience, and am looking forward to bringing a successful tour to the DFW area for the pool players!

The ultimate goal is:  Provide the pool players in the area a tour to play the game we all love.

The Tour will be called the Omega Billiards Tour.  It's brought to us by ACME cases - "the Pinnacle of Protection."

We are getting additional sponsors every day coming on board (including,, Andy White Graphics, CSI, etc.) and I am excited about the future!

I admit I'm nervous about complaints, as any new venture comes with learning phases.

I'm hoping this handicapped tourney that allows all levels of players to play will be a great avenue for players to play the game they love, improve their skills, where they can make some money at it, too.  :)

We are working out the kinks, but we look forward to seeing everyone at the Players Auction at 11am on Oct 6th at Rusty's Billiards in Fort Worth!

More details to come.  :)

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