Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 CSI Straight Pool Challenge

I entered the CSI 14.1 High Run Challenge again this year at the BCAPL Nationals.  Last year I waited til the last minute and didn't fair so well, so this year I tried it earlier.  I had an entire day off from teams (Thursday), so went down to the tourney room early that day to try my hand at the challenge.

The high run was 38, held by my wonderful and talented friend, Susan Williams.

I practiced a break shot that John Schmidt showed me last year, and then hit a few balls on the gorgeous 9 foot Diamond table.  We only were allowed to practice one rack.

 (Click to enlarge)

We get four rounds at the table, and then the score keeper tallies up the points for all 4 rounds.  There are four separate divisions: Pros, Women's, Men's Amateurs, and Seniors.  View ALL the results from by clicking here.

Okay, I started.

I scratched in the side on my first break shot!  The second break, my cueball went up table and scratch... again!  I tried a dif break shot the third time, and missed my ball!  lol.... OMG....

So I went back to my other break shot and finally had a shot after the break, but it was too long.  Score after three rounds:  2!


I got out another $20 bill and paid for another try.

I couldn't seem to get the break shot right again.  I think I got like 5-10 balls the second try at FOUR times to the table.  :(

I was determined to do better.  Last year that break shot was successful... not sure what was going on this year.

So, I get out another $20 and try at it again.

I did MUCH better this time.  I got 14 the first rack.  Then 12 the second rack. 

At this point, I realize I have more than 20.  Sweet!

I played SO SO good on the 9foot table,  If I had a shot, I made it.  I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it is to play in front of all these people like they aren't there.  But, I did it; beautifully.

John Schmidt and the Challenge Booth

Mika and Johnny Archer in the Challenge area

I made even difficult shots.  I was playing SOLID.

I tried not to think how close I was to the top 4 other ladies on the board and started my third rack out of 4.  I ran 9!

I broke the last rack not as well as the previous three and the balls didn't open up.  :(  And I only ran 4.  :( 

But, after counting all 4 innings, I had 39 points and was now in the lead!  By one, but still!  In the lead!

39 points out of 4 tries isn't that impressive, really, but it's still exciting to me because I was in the top 4 this year already!  For comparison, though, check out the scores in the Men's Amateur division below to the left:


I had three days to sweat, to see if any ladies beat my score.  Three days to watch through the crowd from the team events to see if any chicks were trying out.  Every day I'd stop by, "Did anyone beat my score?"  I'd ask as I walked up to the board to see for myself.

Several more ladies tried and contributed to the pot, but I remained in the lead!

Then Saturday afternoon I found out for sure:  I won the 14.1 Ladies Division of the CSI High Run Challenge!

OMG!  I can't believe it!  I pocked a cool 3 big bills for it, too.

I am so ecstatic.  Last year I didn't even come close, but this year I not only came close, I somehow managed to win!

Little accomplishments like this make me smile so big!

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